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Policy on Sexual Misconduct For Staff & Teachers

Dear Members of RishikeshYTTC,

I am writing to inform you about a new policy regarding Prevention for Sexual Harassment at RishikeshYTTC effective on February 11, 2019. Please read carefully and sign in agreement..
Sanjeev Semwal

Policy on Sexual Misconduct

Please note the contents on this page are sensitive in nature.
Registrants, those applying to register with RishikeshYTTC, are prohibited from engaging in Physical Sexual Misconduct,
engaging in Verbal or Emotional Sexual Misconduct, or committing retaliation under this policy. This Policy applies
with respect to interactions between

(i) teachers in yoga teacher training programs and trainees in the program,
(ii)  (ii) yoga instructors and their students, and
(iii)  (iii) yoga studio or yoga teacher training programs owners or managers and their staff members.

For purposes of this Policy, Physical Sexual Misconduct means any of the following:
• Sexual assault,
• Attempted rape,
• Unwanted fondling or unwanted sexual touching,
• Forcing a victim to perform sexual acts, such as oral sex or penetrating the perpetrator’s body, or
• Penetration of the victim’s body, also known as rape.

Physical Sexual Misconduct also includes:
Uninvited physical adjustment or other uninvited physical contact, or
• Inappropriate touch or use of body parts during physical adjustment.

For purposes of this Policy, Verbal or Emotional Sexual Misconduct means:
• Use of emotional coercion, psychological force, or manipulation to coerce a victim into non-consensual sex, or
• Pervasive use of sexually suggestive or explicit statements or words that create a hostile environment for trainees
or participants.

RishikeshYTTC prohibits any retaliatory action against complainants for reporting a violation of this policy or against
any person for cooperating with an investigation by RishikeshYTTC or others into such reports. In determining appropriate
discipline,RishikeshYTTC will take into consideration any retaliatory action by respondents, including but not limited to
retaliatory public disparagement of complainants.

As part of RishikeshYTTC Staff I declare that I agree to the terms of theSexual Misconduct policy of RishikeshYTTC.
I will not perform any kind of activity that violates this policy during the length of my engagement(contract) with
RishikeshYTTC or while engaging with clients in RishikeshYTTC’s property or otherwise.

For Teachers and Staff:

For the purpose of training and education and upon the client’s approval, the teacher can touch the following body parts:
Feet, knees, thight, pelvis, shoulders, wrists, torso, back, arms, neck, head.

Touch will be performed in a firm, deliberate manner, without caressing or sexual/sensual massaging.
The following body parts will be not touched: Buttocks, breasts, perineum, lips.

These areas can be touched only if posture or assistance is required and only with the help of the special tools,
like straps, to perform the correct asana posture.
Client will be never touched in areas that are below or underneath clothing.

If the client doesn’t want the teacher’s assistance or adjustmentthey should notify their preference during the first day
of the course.
If the client appears uncomfortable with the required level of physical contact, the teacher will find alternative ways
of making the same types of corrections.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment in outdoor activities, excursions,meals, self study, resting, assistance in houskeeping,
purchasing of stuff in the market, shop etc

During any out of class activities and assistance staff members are not allowed to engage in intentional touch of
clients. In case of emergency or to prevent an evident danger, the client‘s body will only be touched on the following points:
feet, knees, thighs, pelvis, shoulders, wrists, torso, back, arms, neck, head.

Touch will be performed in a firm, deliberate manner, without caressing or sexual/sensual massaging.Client will be never touched in areas that are below or underneath clothing.

If any kind of inappropriate behaviour is initiated by you during the client‘s stay in RishikeshYTTC
(engaging in intentional sexual contact with client against his/her will, emotional or physical abuse of other
client/staff/teacher of RishikeshYTTC, provocation of the client to begin sexual relations or sexual misconduct
behavoir emotional and physical see upside), RishikeshYTTC staff (Manager, Founder)
will have the right to dismiss you from the work immediately, without paying yoursalary for
that month and will invite the police officer for further investigation.

If sexual misconduct occurs in classroom against the client, the client will have the right to leave class immediately
and inform the manager / Founder of the RishikeshYTTC.

Our teachers and staff are instructed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries

• Avoid touching clients unless it is essential for instruction or urgent help. Our staff will use verbal cues and
demonstrate on their own body in preference to touching the client. Use of physical touching will be done appropriately
during training sessions, as a means of correcting alignment and/or focusing a client’s concentration on the targeted area.
• Inform clients about the purpose of requesting to touch them and find an alternative if the client objects.
• Stop any touching if it appears to make the client uncomfortable, even if they previously gave consent.
• Touch contact should and will be firm and deliberate.
• Never touch a client in areas that are below or underneath clothing.
• Our staff strictly avoids and discourages any conversation or physical contact of a sexual nature.
• All staff and clients misbehaving will be documented in notes and investigated.

If staff or teacher will be unable to maintain appropriate professional boundaries or to work within the legitimate
agenda of the training relationship, whether because of his own attitudes and behaviors or those of the client, he/she will either
terminate the relationship or refer the client to an appropriate professional, such as another trainer, a medical doctor or a mental health specialist.

Our staff and teachers are instructed to avoid sexually oriented banter and inappropriate physical contact.

In all professional and business relationships, staff and teachers clearly demonstrate and support honesty,
integrity and trustworthiness.

Our staff and teahcer never discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, age, physical handicap or nationality.

Our staff and collegues always helpful and ready to support you in education and provide nescessary assistance out of
the class during your stay in RishikeshYTTC.

Our staff & teachers

• DO NOT Give medical advice, physical therapy advice or attempt to make a medical diagnosis.(if staff or teacher has medical degree or
therapeutic education all mentioned here can be done without limitations)
• DO NOT Provide body massage to clients, or any similar service that can be construed as inappropriate touch. Third party, certified
professionals will be invited to perform these services at RishikeshYTTC.
• DO NOT Serve as a psychological counselor to clients or become intimately involved in personal client relationships.
• DO NOT Have a romantic or inter-personal relationship with a client.
• DO NOT Push your own preferences for fitness goals on clients who do not seek out those same goals.
• DO NOT Allow your credentials, liability insurance and other trainer business standards/practices to lapse.

I declare that every time I will assist the client during a class and/orduring client’s stay in RishikeshYTTC and/or
out of the class but during client’s stay in RishikeshYTTC or in any help that requires physical body contact,I will ask permission
in the form of “May I assist you?.In the event of an emergency or urgent situation, if there is any evident danger for
client’s physical health where I could not ask in case client is unconscious or there is no time to ask because of danger,
in this case in order to save client’s health I will not ask about assistance but I will help her/him if required with
physical touch without intentionally touching of genitals, buttocks, breast, lips. Touch will be performed firm without
sexual caressing and massaging.

If I perform the above mentioned activity of sexual misconduct to any client of RishikeshYTTC I will be responsible for
myactions myself and will be ready to explain my behaviour in the jurisdictions of Tehri Gharwal region of Uttarakhand.
I will be responsible for all financial and moral compensation to victims, not RishikeshYTTC.

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