Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training is the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

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Namaste & welcome to Rishikesh yoga teacher training Center

Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center in Rishikesh is offering traditional and the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh for professional and devotional yoga teacher training course and yoga retreats around the year.

Through the yoga teacher training courses & yoga retreats, furthermore, the centre aims to spread and preserve traditional Yoga through its well-crafted yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats, in the holy Yoga capital of “Rishikesh”, India.

The Center is a dedicated Astanga & Hatha yoga School in Rishikesh. Probably it’s most noteworthy and great opportunity especially relevant for those who would like to deepen their practice, reach new levels safely and explore the path of Yoga.

Why is Rishikesh YTTC the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh?

The aim of the school is to help the students to develop Yoga skills, through which they can create new levels of strength, flexibility, stamina & balance of body and mind.

Hatha yoga, Astanga yoga, advanced yoga and flow yoga is a challenging practice which requires stamina, patience, fresh environment, determination, and commitment. For many people, it is becoming a blessing in life and a way of living.

As a result, it helps to reveal the truth and gives a sense of purpose and immense happiness.

It’s powerful, resolute, holistic, actual, conscious, hilarious, religious and transforming. During the trip to the harmonious world of Yoga, our aim is to share yoga, contribute physical health and connect it to your happiness.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

200 Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh course starts 2nd of every month, please enroll in advance to book your seats.. limited intake.

Rishikesh YTT Center respects all traditions & religions of yoga and acceptance of students.

Rishikesh YTT Center believes that yoga is more than just exercise or the practice of Asana.Rishikesh YTT Center is the best school for yoga lovers and those, who are looking for inner peace and harmony.

At Rishikesh YTTC every yoga student gets personal attention from each yoga teacher during the course

After successful YTT course, you will be awarded by Yoga Alliance with 200 hours certificate, enabling you to teach and share yoga knowledge and techniques in your home country and around the world

Rishikesh YTT Center is a dedicated and committed team of international experienced yoga teachers who have been practising, teaching and sharing their knowledge of yoga & Ayurveda since last 7 years.

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