Policy of Prevention of Sexual Harassment
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Dear Student/Client__________,

We are happy to welcome you to RishikeshYTTC and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. We would like to make our experience together as mutually beneficial as possible and also safe for both sides. Having said this, please read our Policy for Prevention of Sexual Harassment carefully and sign at the end.

What is a the sexual Harrassment ?

Physical Sexual Misconduct and Harrasement means any of the following:
Egregious Physical Sexual Misconduct:
Sexual assault,
• Attempted rape,
• Unwanted fondling or unwanted sexual touching,
• Forcing a victim to perform sexual acts, such as oral sex or penetrating the perpetrator’s body, or
• Penetration of the victim’s body, also known as rape.

Physical Sexual Misconduct Harrasementalso includes:
Uninvited physical adjustment or other uninvited physical contact, or
• Inappropriate touch or use of body parts during physical adjustment.
• For purposes of this Policy, Verbal or Emotional Sexual Misconduct means:
• Use of emotional coercion, psychological force, or manipulation to coerce a victim into non-consensual sex, or
• Pervasive use of sexually suggestive or explicit statements or words that create a hostile environment for trainees
or participants.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment in class

Some of the coursework such as asana ashtanga, asana hatha, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda, yoga anatomy, asana alignment and adjustment,
reiki and/or yoga therapy include physical assistance and corrections by the teacher. Corrections and assistance will be done by using tools (belts,
straps, mats, blankets) and also hands, legs, feet, head, and back of the teacher.

The teacher can touch, upon approval,the following body areas:
Feet, knees, thighs, pelvis, shoulders, wrists, corsp, back, arms, head. Touch will be perform only firm,
deliberate and without caressing, sexual sensual massaging
The following body parts will not touched:

Buttocks, breast, perineum, lips
These points can be touched onlyif posture or assistance is required and only with the help of the special tools like strapes to
perform correct asana posture.
Client will be never touched in areas that are below or underneath clothing.

If you don’t want the teacher’s assistance or correction please let us know on the first day of the program so we can
inform all relevant instructors.

In the event that the client isuncomfortable with the required level of physical contact, we will find alternative ways
of making the same types of corrections.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment in outdoor activities, excursions,meals, self study, resting, assistance in houskeeping,
purchasing of stuff in the market, shop etc

During any out of class activities and assistance staff members are not allowed to engage in intentional touch of
clients. In case of emergency or to prevent an evident danger, the client‘s body will only be touched on the following points:
feet, knees, thighs, pelvis, shoulders, wrists, torso, back, arms, neck, head.

Touch will be performed in a firm, deliberate manner, without caressing or sexual/sensual massaging.Client will be never touched in areas that are below or underneath clothing.

Please note that India is a very traditional country with strict behavioral norms and expectations.RishikeshYTTC is an educational and spiritual place and any
kind of sexual misconduct towards other clients or RishikeshYTTC staff will be considered a violation against this policy.

To avoid misunderstanding we request you to respect traditions and cultural policy of Indian society, kindly advised and requested to
all clients to wear adequate modest clothes for the classes where buttocks, perineum, breast, decollate are covered.

If any kind of inappropriate behaviour is initiated by you during the client‘s stay in RishikeshYTTC
(engaging in intentional sexual contact with client against his/her will, emotional or physical abuse of other
client/staff/teacher of RishikeshYTTC, provocation of the client to begin sexual relations or sexual misconduct
behavoir emotional and physical see upside), RishikeshYTTC staff (Manager, Founder)
will have the right to dismiss you from the course immediately without giving back your course fee.If case of sexual misconduct happened
in class room against the teacher or staff, the Teacher will have right to stop the class and indicate that the client is doing the action
against the the policy of the RishikeshYTTCInstitute, that desturbs the professional nature of your relationship. The teacher will have right to
request you to leave the class room and talk to Founder Yogi Sanjeev Semwal or school director Ankit Joshi Ji.

Our teachers and staff are instructed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries

• Avoid touching clients unless it is essential for instruction or urgent help. Our staff will use verbal cues and
demonstrate on their own body in preference to touching the client. Use of physical touching will be done appropriately
during training sessions, as a means of correcting alignment and/or focusing a client’s concentration on the targeted area.
• Inform clients about the purpose of requesting to touch them and find an alternative if the client objects.
• Stop any touching if it appears to make the client uncomfortable, even if they previously gave consent.
• Touch contact should and will be firm and deliberate.
• Never touch a client in areas that are below or underneath clothing.
• Our staff strictly avoids and discourages any conversation or physical contact of a sexual nature.
• All staff and clients misbehaving will be documented in notes and investigated.

Focus on the business and educational relationship, not the client’s personal life, except as appropriate

If staff or teacher will be unable to maintain appropriate professional boundaries or to work within the legitimate
agenda of the training relationship, whether because of his own attitudes and behaviors or those of the client, he/she will either
terminate the relationship or refer the client to an appropriate professional, such as another trainer, a medical doctor or a mental health specialist.

Our staff and teachers are instructed to avoid sexually oriented banter and inappropriate physical contact.

In all professional and business relationships, staff and teachers clearly demonstrate and support honesty,
integrity and trustworthiness.

Our staff and teahcer never discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, age, physical handicap or nationality.

Our staff and collegues always helpful and ready to support you in education and provide nescessary assistance out of
the class during your stay in RishikeshYTTC.

Our staff & teachers do not

• DO NOT Give medical advice, physical therapy advice or attempt to make a medical diagnosis.(if staff or teacher has medical degree or
therapeutic education all mentioned here can be done without limitations)
• DO NOT Provide body massage to clients, or any similar service that can be construed as inappropriate touch. Third party, certified
professionals will be invited to perform these services at RishikeshYTTC.
• DO NOT Serve as a psychological counselor to clients or become intimately involved in personal client relationships.
• DO NOT Have a romantic or inter-personal relationship with a client.
• DO NOT Push your own preferences for fitness goals on clients who do not seek out those same goals.
• DO NOT Allow your credentials, liability insurance and other trainer business standards/practices to lapse.

If you think you are the Victim of Sexual Misconduct from the side of our staff or another client, please perform following

The student who believes that they are the victim of sexual harassment, have witnessed sexual harassment, or suspect sexual harassment,
should immediately report the alleged act(s). It can be done confidentially and anonymously, by calling the Founder +91-8630145158, or by anonymous written complaint to
RishikeshYTTC@gmail.com Alternatively, complainant can approach female officer Rani Bhatt at +91-8859896527 & Email: ranibhatt534@gmail.com.

The information about inappropriate level of physical contact should be performed immediately or/and after class or/and within 24 hours
since the case of inapropriate level of physical contact took place.

RishikeshYTTC will not be responsible for complaints received after the course end date. In the event of an anonymous complaint, RishikeshYTTC may be limited in its ability to respond fully to the incident, including its ability to
pursue disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator.

An anonymous Complainant may report the alleged perpetrator’s identity and the identity of other potential witnesses, and identify any potentially relevant
documentary or other evidence. RishikeshYTTC will respond promptly and effectively to complaints of harassment on the basis of sex.
RishikeshYTTC will promptly investigate all incidents of alleged sexual harassment and will take the appropriate action to respond to such complaints.

Such action may include disciplinary action against students or staff found to have violated this policy or remoing the students or staff who violated this policy from the Institute.
A written complaint is preferable, but not required. The person to whom the complaint is made will then notify the appropriate officials of the complaint. Sufficient
information should be provided in order to allow the RishikeshYTTC to investigate and attempt resolution of the complaint.

Whether or not the individual makes a formal report, all victims of sexual misconduct are urged to seek appropriate help, which may include a medical evaluation and obtaining
information, support, and counseling, either on or off RishikeshYTTC. In addition to resources available to them personally, victims of sexual misconduct may use the
resources listed in this Policy to assist them in accessing the full range of services available.

Medical Treatment

Medical-Legal Evidence Collection

Obtaining Information, Support, and Counseling

If a case of sexual harassment is confirmed, the client will have the option to leave the school and get a full refund. If the client chooses to staybut feels uncomfortable in further posture assistance, the teacher (staff) together with founder and client will choose alternative ways of making the same types of physical adjustments. Client will also have the right to refuse in further assistace during the rest of the course days without any consequences.

o I agree to be corrected and assisted by the teacher and assisted by the staff when nescessary

o I do not want to be assisted, corrected in class and will inform teacher about it, I do not want any kind of assistance
from the staff side

I have read carefully the Policy for Prevention of Sexual Harassment, I understood the meaning of it, I had opportunity to ask questions and get full answers on them, and I have no more questions.

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